AI could be the solution for bureaucracy, with Emilie Poteat from Advocate

How AI Startup Advocate Is Revolutionizing Government Benefits Application Process

About the Context

Emilie Poteat, founder of AI startup Advocate, shares her vision of utilizing AI technology to simplify the complex process of applying for federal government benefits. Inspired by her own experience observing her stepfather struggle through the intricate application procedure, Poteat believes that AI can make a significant difference in making this process more accessible.

Founders Have Tried Building Practical Use Cases for AI

The last few years have seen founders invest considerable effort into creating real-world applications for AI and machine learning. One such potential area lies within the realm of government benefits.

A Personal Experience Sparks Innovation

Poteat recalls her father’s arduous journey to secure social security benefits despite his eligibility. Realizing the potential of AI, she envisioned streamlining the application process for countless individuals seeking similar assistance.

Why Government Benefits Are Ideal for AI Model Development?

Government benefits offer vast amounts of documentation, policies, and data – ideal ingredients for developing a robust AI model. By implementing automated processes, applicants stand to save valuable time and resources while ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Building Bridges Between Technology and Governments

In conversation with TechCrunch, Poteat discussed her experiences engaging with governments regarding the development of a third-party add-on to their existing infrastructure. Surprisingly, the government appears open to collaborations with external organizations, recognizing the value of innovation and expertise brought forth by these partnerships.

Company-Building Journey and Fundraising Challenges

This interview delves deeper into Poteat’s entrepreneurial journey and the progress made by Advocate towards its official launch. Additionally, she shares insights into her fundraising experiences, revealing the importance of backing ambitious projects versus those focused solely on diversity initiatives.

Expansion Plans Beyond Social Security Benefits

Upon successful launch, Advocate aims to expand its reach beyond social security benefits, targeting various other government benefit verticals to create a comprehensive solution for millions of Americans.

Bridging the Gap Between People and Their Federal Government

As Poteat reflects on her mission, she emphasizes the need for improved communication channels between citizens and their governments. With the power of AI at their disposal, they aim to fill the gap and provide a much-needed technological infrastructure to facilitate seamless access to essential services.

AI could be the solution for bureaucracy, with Emilie Poteat from Advocate