Cypher’s inventory drone launches from an autonomous mobile robot base

Cypher’s Inventory Drone Launches from Autonomous Mobile Robot Base – Automating Warehouse Inventories

Doing inventories is a monotonous task that requires significant attention to detail. However, recent advancements in technology have led to innovative solutions for streamlining this process, especially within warehouses where large quantities must be accounted for and accessed vertically. One such solution is Cypher Robotics’ latest invention showcased at Modex.

The Cypher Robotics’ system comprises an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) base and a drone. This combination offers a practical approach between Dexory’s towering AMR with telescopic structures and traditional drones. The AMR acts as a launchpad and landing site for the drone, allowing it to cover vast areas within warehouses efficiently.

GreyOrange, a robotics firm focused on automating warehouses, introduced the Captis robot following a client’s request for cycle counting services. Cycle counting checks actual inventory against recorded data and requires extensive vertical coverage. The Cypher drone is tethered to the interior of the AMR platform; once airborne, it reveals a hole containing the cable. This hardwired connection ensures longer battery life compared to untethered models.


Ottawa-based Cypher claims their drone can function for up to five hours before requiring a recharge back at the AMR base. As automation continues to revolutionise industries, these types of innovations will significantly impact how businesses manage their inventories, saving time and resources while minimising human error.

Cypher’s inventory drone launches from an autonomous mobile robot base