Apple dismisses Microsoft monopoly comparisons

Summary: Apple Dismisses Microsoft Monopoly Comparisons –

Last week saw the United States Department of Justice file a landmark lawsuit against Apple, accusing the tech giant of abusive practices reminiscent of those employed by Microsoft in the 1990s. However, Apple has since dismissed the comparison, arguing that its current market share does not come close to the 90%+ figure held by Microsoft at the turn of the century. Furthermore, the iPhone manufacturer argues that its home market share is significantly lower than the 65% claimed by the DOJ, asserting that it actually holds under 50%.

The DOJ’s argument primarily revolves around Apple’s tight control over its App Store, as well as the incompatibility of products like the Apple Watch with non-iOS devices. In response, Apple maintains that the DOJ’s focus on these issues ignores the reality of the competitive landscape, particularly given the numerous other players that have attempted and failed to establish themselves in the market. Critics point to past failures of major companies like Amazon, HTC, LG, and Microsoft as proof of Apple’s stranglehold on the industry.

Despite these allegations, Apple remains confident in its defense, believing that the lawsuit seeks to transform iOS into Android and potentially harm consumers through reduced innovation. If successful, the lawsuit could impede Apple’s ability to develop cutting-edge technologies that integrate hardware, software, and services seamlessly.

Ultimately, both sides seem prepared for a protracted battle, with Apple determined to protect its right to choose its partners and innovate without interference from regulatory bodies.

Apple dismisses Microsoft monopoly comparisons