Apple will make it easier to move to Android by fall 2025

Apple Announces Easier Data Transfer Process to Android Devices by Fall 2025

A Response to Europe’s Digital Markets Act

Apple recently announced plans to simplify the process of moving data from an iPhone to an Android device by fall 2025. This initiative comes in response to the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), which went into effect two days ago.

Alongside supporting alternative app stores, revised business terms for EU app developers, and mandatory mobile browser choice screens, Apple intends to enhance its data portability options. Specifically, they aim to make it more “user-friendly” to transfer information between devices. Although details regarding this feature remain scarce, Apple promises it will be ready by autumn 2025.

Beyond the App Store, the DMA focuses on enhancing data portability across platforms. Consequently, Apple’s Data & Privacy website is undergoing updates to enable users to transmit their App Store data to approved third parties. Currently, individuals can request to transfer their iCloud Photos to Google Photos and download data generated by several Apple applications, including Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Maps, Wallet Activity, Mail, Safari Bookmarks, and Reading List. Soon, users will be able to arrange daily downloads of their App Store data over a 30-day period or weekly downloads within a 180-day window. All data provided will be kept up-to-date.

Regarding the transition to Android, Apple didn’t disclose extensive information about the upcoming project except stating that it will facilitate improved data migration solutions for “other mobile operating system providers.” While Apple refrained from explicitly using the term “Android,” it’s clear that Google’s mobile platform stands to benefit significantly from such a system. Additionally, Apple mentioned that a solution to export browser data directly into a new browser on the same device will become accessible either towards the end of this year or during the first quarter of 2025.

Currently, Android users can employ Google’s “Switch to Android” iOS application to relocate essential content, such as contacts, calendars, images, videos, messages, and more, to a fresh Android gadget. However, certain less crucial data remains untouched, necessitating the deactivation of iMessage to ensure incoming messages reach the user’s new Android device. It remains uncertain whether Apple’s forthcoming solution will tackle these aspects, given that specific improvements haven’t been specified yet.

Apple will make it easier to move to Android by fall 2025