The loneliness of the robotic humanoid

Introduction: At this year’s MODEX conference, Agility’s Digit stood out as the sole humanoid robot, highlighting the company’s progress compared to competitors like Figure, Tesla, 1X, and Apptronik.

In 2024, Digit demonstrated advanced capabilities in lineside replenishment and tote retrieval with a flow rack designed for automotive manufacturing.

Agility is collaborating with automotive clients, although specific partners remain undisclosed.

Previously focusing on last-mile delivery, Agility has since redirected efforts towards addressing warehouse staff shortage issues due to COVID-19.

Leadership changes include co-founders shifting roles to President and Chief Robotics Officer, ex-Magic Leap CEO Peggy Johnson becoming CEO, and appointments of Fetch founder & CEO as CTO and former Apple & Ford exec as COO.

Production volume targets “high double-digit” numbers before the end of the year.

New cloud automation system, Agility Arc, manages Digit fleets, including battery, charging, workflow, and remote support features.

Johnson emphasizes the importance of integration and cost efficiency via RaaS (Robotics-as-a-Service).

Future developments may involve swapping end effectors and ensuring safety standards within the industry.

 Agility’s Digit represents significant advancement in humanoid robot technology, while maintaining a strong focus on practical applications and efficient implementation in various industries.

The loneliness of the robotic humanoid