Despite distancing itself from politics, the topic is dominating Threads’ trends

Political Discourse Thrives in Threads App’s Trending Topics

Subheading: A New Platform Emerges Amidst the Polarization

Threads, Meta’s latest attempt to challenge Twitter and X, maintains a hands-off approach towards politics. However, recent search trends suggest otherwise.

The Expansion of Threads: Now Available Widely


Since expanding beyond its initial testing phase, Threads’ user base has grown significantly. This growth coincides with a surge in politically charged conversations dominating the app’s trending topics.

President Biden’s State of the Union Address Sparks Controversy


Three out of the top five search trends on Threads revolve around the recent State of the Union address given by President Biden. Users have been reacting passionately to his speech, the Republican response, and controversial moments such as Marjorie Taylor Greene’s heckling.

A Real-Time Platform Invites User Engagement


As a real-time platform offering a Twitter-like experience, Threads provides users with an opportunity to share their immediate thoughts and opinions on current events. Given the high level of engagement surrounding the SOTU address, it comes as no surprise that political discussions dominate the app’s trends.

Meta’s History of Distancing Itself From Politics


For years, Meta has tried to steer clear of politics on its platforms following criticisms of bias during the 2016 US elections and allegations of Russian interference. The company has previously altered its algorithms to deemphasize news content and renamed “News Feed” simply as “Feed.”

An Unclear Future for Political Content on Threads


Although Meta aims to avoid political content on its apps, the Trends feature remains untouched. Time will tell if these political discussions will continue to thrive within the app or eventually fade away. Stay tuned for updates.

Correction: Instagram Confirms Ongoing Test in the United States


In light of new information provided by Instagram, it appears the test featuring the Trends tab is indeed ongoing only in the United States. Additionally, a bug caused the feature to appear briefly for some international users. Instagram and Threads will no longer ‘proactively’ recommend political content.

Despite distancing itself from politics, the topic is dominating Threads’ trends