Roblox’s new AI features reduce the time it takes to create avatars and 3D models

Reduce Time for Avatar and 3D Model Creation with New Roblox AI Features

reports that Roblox has introduced two new AI technologies to cut down the time needed for creating avatars and 3D models. These features, developed based on Roblox’s own artificial intelligence, aim to assist creators in eliminating time-consuming setup and texturing processes during content creation on the platform.

The first technology, “Avatar Auto Setup,” streamlines the process of making avatars by transforming a 3D body mesh into a living, animated character ready for adoption by users. This feature automates tasks such as rigging, caging, segmenting, and skinning 3D models. By selecting the new feature, Roblox runs several tests on assets and performs these actions automatically.

The second technology, “Texture Generator,” allows creators to swiftly alter the appearance of 3D objects through plain language text inputs. This tool generates a 3D texture that complements the object’s shape and structure. As an example, inputting a text prompt to create a texture for a 3D wooden treasure chest results in a texture that emphasizes the chest’s edges and includes details like wooden planks and a lock.

These innovations significantly decrease the time required for tasks typically taking hours or even days for artists to accomplish. With “Avatar Auto Setup” and “Texture Generator,” creators can now achieve these results within 15 to 30 seconds. Both features are currently in testing phases – Alpha for “Avatar Auto Setup” and Public Beta for “Texture Generator.” They can be accessed via Roblox Studio.

Nick Tornow, Vice President of Creator Engineering at Roblox, stated, “Our new AI technologies aid anyone, from independent developers to professional game studios, in rapidly generating rich, engaging content on the Roblox platform, accelerating the journey from conceptualization to shared reality.” These tools allow creators to concentrate on innovative ideas while minimizing implementation efforts, leading to enhanced experiences, increased audience engagement, and improved business outcomes.

Roblox’s new AI features reduce the time it takes to create avatars and 3D models