Amazon now lets sellers create listings through a URL by using AI

Streamlining Product Listings Using Generative AI Technology

Introduction: Amazon has recently made it easier for sellers to create listings by introducing an AI-powered tool that parses information from a product’s URL on other sites and generates an Amazon listing. This innovative solution adds to Amazon’s existing generative AI-powered features designed to assist sellers in creating listings efficiently.

Amazon’s Latest Feature: The new tool utilizes AI technology to analyze details found within a product’s URL on different websites and creates an Amazon listing based on the gathered data.

Rollout Details: Initially available only in English for US-based sellers, this cutting-edge functionality aims to simplify the process of generating high-quality, engaging listings without requiring extensive manual input.

Previous Efforts: Last October, Amazon introduced a similar tool for advertisers, allowing them to generate backgrounds via text prompts. According to the company, utilizing such context can increase click-through rates by up to 40%.

Adoption Rates: Over 100,000 sellers have experimented with these generative AI tools, resulting in an impressive 80% acceptance rate of AI-driven recommendations.

Competitors Embrace AI: Companies like Google, eBay, and Shopify have also adopted AI-related solutions for product advertising and retail purposes. These advancements highlight the growing importance of leveraging artificial intelligence in streamlining business operations across various industries.

Conclusion: With the increasing adoption of AI-enabled technologies, businesses like Amazon continue to innovate and optimize processes, ultimately benefiting both buyers and sellers alike. As AI integration becomes more prevalent, expect further improvements in efficiency and convenience throughout the e-commerce landscape.

Amazon now lets sellers create listings through a URL by using AI