French startup Nijta hopes to protect voice privacy in AI use cases

 Startup Nijta Protects Voice Privacy in AI Use Cases


Anonymous Speech Technology Enables Compliance with Data Protection Laws


Introduction: Nijta, a French startup, aims to safeguard voice privacy in AI applications through their AI-driven speech anonymization technology. With increasing concerns over data privacy and the growing popularity of generative AI, Nijta provides a valuable solution for businesses seeking to maintain confidentiality while utilizing voice data.


Nijta’s innovative approach focuses on protecting sensitive personal information contained within voice recordings, ensuring compliance with strict data privacy laws like GDPR.

The company’s software anonymizes audio content, making it difficult to identify individuals or extract additional data from their voices.

By offering this service, Nijta caters to industries such as healthcare, defense, and education, where maintaining privacy is crucial.

Their technology ensures irreversible anonymization, setting it apart from other methods that might compromise privacy.

As Nijta expands its services beyond B2B, it plans to explore real-time anonymization for secure communication.


 Based in Lille, France, Nijta benefits from the supportive environment provided by local institutions and organizations. With a focus on European markets, the startup aims to address the growing demand for data privacy protection in AI applications.