Brevian is a no-code enterprise platform for building AI agents

Introducing Brevian – A No-Code Enterprise Platform for Building Custom AI Agents

About the Context

Brevian is revolutionizing the enterprise landscape with its no-code platform designed specifically for creating custom AI agents. Based in Sunnyvale, California, the company aims to streamline AI agent creation for business users. Initially focusing on support teams and security analysts, Brevian intends to broaden its scope in the future.

Founded by Vinay Wagh (CEO) and Ram Swaminathan (CTO), Brevian brings together diverse expertise. Prior to starting Brevian, Wagh served as a product director at Databricks and the head of products at Bracket Computing. Meanwhile, Swaminathan boasts a background in computer science, machine learning, and research at Bell Labs and HP Labs. Before co-founding Brevian, Swaminathan also oversaw LinkedIn’s AI Trust Team.

The duo recognized the potential of generative AI in the enterprise sector but identified significant challenges preventing widespread adoption. Security concerns emerged as a primary concern due to the risk of personal data leaks. As a result, Brevian initially concentrated on addressing these issues. They developed models capable of identifying Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and detected prompt injection attacks.

However, the team soon discovered that security concerns weren’t the only obstacles hindering enterprise AI adoption. Instead, businesses faced difficulties implementing solutions tailored to their unique needs. Consequently, Brevian shifted focus towards enabling business users to develop AI agents suited to their specific requirements.

Brevian secured a $9 million seed funding round, led by Felicis partner Jake Storm. This investment will fuel product advancement and team expansion to cater to growing clientele via its Early Release Program.

As the industry moves toward prioritizing AI applications following a period of emphasis on infrastructure, Brevian is poised to bridge the gap between enterprise demands and AI capabilities.

Brevian is a no-code enterprise platform for building AI agents