Singularities are a pain in the neck for robot arms — Jacobi Robotics is trying to solve them

Jacobi Robotics Tackles the Problem of Singularities in Industrial Robotics

Singularities pose a significant challenge for industrial robots – Jacobi Robotics aims to find a solution

The field of robotics faces both hardware and software challenges. While the appeal of mechatronics often overshadows programming, effective software solutions are crucial for avoiding expensive paper weights. One such problem demanding attention is singularities.

Though not commonly encountered outside academic circles, singularities represent a genuine concern for industrial robots. They refer to points in space where the robot cannot move, necessitating human intervention.

Jacobi Robotics, established in 2022, focuses on solving this complex issue. Named after the Jacobian matrix and inspired by renowned mathematician Carl Jacobi, the company concentrates on optimizing robot path planning. Founded by a group of UC Berkeley robotics students led by Professor Ken Goldberg, they aim to tackle the challenges surrounding singularities.

Industrial robots face numerous applications, including bin picking, package sort, and palletizing. These processes encounter frequent modifications due to material alterations or thermal expansion, making singularity management essential.

To begin addressing this issue, Jacobi Robotics is initially focusing solely on singularities. Their innovative approach has reportedly resulted in reduced deployment times for companies like Formic, an automation deployment firm. By mitigating potential complications during the installation phase, firms save time and resources.

Founded by Max Cao (CEO), Yahav Avigal (Chief Product Officer), Lars Berscheid (Chief Architect), and Jeff Ichnowski (Chief Roboticist and Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute), Jacobi secured a $1 million pre-seed round in early 2023 and continues fundraising efforts to bring their solution to market.

Current supporters include Swift Ventures and Berkeley SkyDeck, the UC Berkeley accelerator. With backing from influential organizations, Jacobi plans to revolutionize industrial robotics by effectively managing singularities.

Presently, the software supports major robotics arms manufacturers, including ABB, Fanuc, Universal, and Yaskawa. As the industry evolves, Jacobi Robotics stands poised to make a substantial impact on industrial robotics by resolving the persistent issue of singularities.

Singularities are a pain in the neck for robot arms — Jacobi Robotics is trying to solve them