Dutch startup Monumental is using robots to lay bricks

Robot Revolution in Construction – Monumental’s Innovative Approach to Bricklaying

Automating bricklaying through advanced technology

In the multibillion-dollar construction industry, automation offers significant potential for disruption. One category experiencing this transformation is bricklaying. While several players like Hadrian X focus on larger concrete blocks, Amsterdam-based startup Monumental stands out by specializing in traditional red clay bricks.

Monumental, founded in 2021 by former data visualization firm Silk co-founders, has begun limited pilot projects in the Netherlands.

Collaborations with 25 contractors include low-income housing constructions.

Monumental’s innovative approach involves an autonomous cart for heavy loads and a robot for applying liquid mortar and placing bricks.

Co-founder & CEO Salar Al Khafaji emphasizes their mission to “help the industry meet these challenges” by blending human expertise with robotic efficiency.

Recently secured a $25M funding round led by Plural and Hummingbird, with participation from Northzone, Foundamental, and NP-Hard Ventures.

Funds will support hiring, scale up manufacturing, and expand the types of bricks/blocks handled by Monumental’s robots.

Conclusion: As Monumental continues to revolutionize bricklaying through cutting-edge technology, it demonstrates the vast opportunities within the construction sector for automation and innovation.