Elon Musk says xAI will open-source Grok this week

Elon Musk Unveils Plans to Open-Source His AI Chatbot, Grok

Introduction: Elon Musk’s AI startup, xAI, plans to open-source its chatbot, Grok, rival to ChatGPT.

xAI will release Grok’s code publicly, following Musk’s advocacy for open-source technology.

Grok offers real-time data access and uninhibited opinions without adherence to “politically correct” norms.

Customers can access Grok through x’s $16 monthly subscription.

Musk criticized OpenAI for shifting focus towards profitability for Microsoft and moving away from open-source principles.

Lawsuit between Musk and OpenAI sparks debates over the value of open-source AI amongst technologists and investors.

Conclusion: With the upcoming open-sourcing of Grok, xAI joins other companies like Meta and Mistral in making their chatbot codes accessible to the public.

Elon Musk says xAI will open-source Grok this week