Google will soon roll out on-device AI-powered features on Pixel 8

Google’s On-Device AI Features Set to Enhance User Experience on Pixel 8

Tech giant Google is gearing up to introduce on-device AI-powered features on its upcoming Pixel 8 device. This move aims to improve user experience by incorporating advanced technologies like recording summaries and smart replies.

Rolling Out Innovative Features Based on Gemini Nano Technology

Body: Last year, Google unveiled Gemini Nano, a compact model designed specifically to operate on devices. Now, the company plans to release Summarizer in Recorder and Smart Reply in Gboard as part of the next Pixel feature drop. Initially launched alongside the Pixel 8, these innovative features had previously only been accessible on the Pixel 8 Pro and the Galaxy S24.

Transition: Expanding the Reach of Advanced Technologies

In response to varying memory specifications across devices, Google has tested and validated Gemini Nano technology on the Pixel 8. As enthusiasm grows among users and developers, the tech giant hopes to gather valuable feedback and witness further innovation.

Shifting Focus from Cloud-Based Solutions to Device Integration

Until recently, Google concentrated mainly on developing AI-driven solutions reliant on cloud services tailored for mobile devices. For instance, in January, the company introduced “Circle to Search” for selected Pixel and Samsung devices. However, this week saw Google expand the reach of this feature to additional Pixel, Samsung phones, and certain tablets, complete with updates enabling instant translations of on-screen content into plain text formats while removing mentions of emails or websites.

Conclusion: With the introduction of Gemini Nano-based features on the Pixel 8, Google demonstrates its commitment to enhancing user experiences through cutting-edge on-device artificial intelligence capabilities.

Google will soon roll out on-device AI-powered features on Pixel 8