Fortnite is coming back to iOS in Europe (for real this time)

Fortnite Returns to iOS in Europe: Apple Reinstates Epic Games Account

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After terminating Epic Games’ developer account last week, Apple has decided to reinstate their access to publish iOS apps in Europe. With this development, Epic can now proceed with its plan to introduce the Epic Games Store and bring Fortnite back to the platform in Europe.

Last month, Epic announced its intention to return following the implementation of Europe’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), which mandates allowing third-party app stores for the first time. However, Epic’s European developer account was unexpectedly terminated earlier this week.

Criticism from Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney regarding Apple’s “anticompetitive practices” led to scrutiny from the European Commission. Following discussions between Epic and Apple, the tech giant agreed to restore Epic Sweden AB, Epic’s European account, and accept them back into the Apple Developer Program. An Apple representative confirmed the news through an official statement.

Epic expressed optimism about the situation, stating that the European Commission’s intervention sends a clear message to developers regarding enforcement of the DMA and holding dominant players accountable. They remain committed to launching the Epic Games Store and bringing Fortnite back to iOS in Europe.

The longstanding conflict between Apple and Epic revolves around Apple’s strict control over in-app payments and Epic’s opposition to the 30% fee charged on such transactions. Under the new DMA regulations, third-party marketplaces like the Epic Games Store can operate on iOS, reducing Apple’s influence over apps in Europe.

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Fortnite is coming back to iOS in Europe (for real this time)