NYT Games debuts redesigned app to boost discovery and simplify navigation

NYT Games Redesigns App for Enhanced Discovery and Simplified Navigation

About the Context

The NYT Games app recently underwent a significant redesign aimed at improving game discovery and simplifying navigation. This update follows last year’s name change from “NYT Crosswords” to “NYT Games,” reflecting the expansion of the app’s offerings beyond crosswords alone.

Product Design Director Jennifer Scheerer explained that the primary motivation behind the redesign was converting the app from a crossword-centric platform into a comprehensive gaming hub. With the addition of numerous games, the team recognized the need to upgrade the app’s design to effectively showcase the entire collection.

Scheerer mentioned that the revamped design conveys a more contemporary and engaging atmosphere, featuring enhanced game card designs and streamlined navigation. Principal Product Designer Lian Chang further elaborated that the changes cater to both novice and experienced players.

Newcomers can appreciate the vibrant colors and clear brand icons, making it effortless to explore various games. Meanwhile, seasoned gamers benefit from a more practical interface where game cards display individual progress. These advancements aim to encourage players to complete unfinished puzzles and maintain engagement.

Additionally, the redesign consolidates all games, archives, and packs into a single location, ensuring easy access to preferred titles. Previously, the app featured a crossword-dominated layout, necessitating a horizontal scroll for non-crossword content. Now, the focus lies on presenting a succinct list of available games, enhancing discoverability.

To optimize usability, the number of tabs on the homepage was reduced from five to three – “Games,” “Stats,” and “Leaderboard.” According to Chang, extensive testing led to this decision, focusing on simplicity and ease of use. Moreover, personalized greetings have been incorporated to create a friendly and welcoming experience for players throughout the day.

As the company continues expanding its gaming library, Chang and Scheerer emphasize the importance of gathering user input to refine and enhance the gaming hub further. The recent redesign marks the initial stage of these ongoing improvements.

NYT Games debuts redesigned app to boost discovery and simplify navigation