Free Fire India relaunch in limbo six months on

Delayed Launch of Free Fire in India Raises Concerns Among Entrepreneurs and Investors

About the Context


Free Fire, a popular mobile game developed by Sea’s gaming unit Garena, has yet to be launched in India over six months after the announcement. This significant delay has sparked concern among business leaders and investors observing Sea’s growth strategy in the profitable South Asian market.

August Last Year: Announcement of Return


In August 2023, Garena declared intentions to bring back Free Fire in India following a ban over a year and a half earlier. They planned to collaborate with Yotta, a subsidiary of local conglomerate Hiranandani, for storing user data within the nation. A tentative launch date of September 5 was set.

Six Months Later: No Sign of Progress


Despite the initial optimism, there have been no updates regarding the launch of Free Fire in India. During their recent earnings call, Yanjun Wang, Group Chief Corporate Officer at Sea, mentioned “changes” being made to cater to local preferences without sharing any substantial developments.

Impact on Gamers and Competition


The absence of clarity surrounding the relaunch has led to frustration amongst avid fans, causing many to switch allegiances towards Krafton’s Battle Grounds Mobile India (BGMI). With no indication when the long-awaited comeback may occur, some players question whether Garena still values the Indian esports scene.

Sea Remains Silent


When approached for comments, Sea did not respond. In 2022, India prohibited both Free Fire and numerous other Chinese applications. Following the ban, Sea ceased Shopee’s activities in India due to criticisms concerning unfair trade practices. Meanwhile, Krafton’s BGMI regained popularity as the go-to choice for Indian gamers.

Free Fire India relaunch in limbo six months on