AgZen’s RealCoverage wants to keep pesticides only where they are needed

AgZen’s RealCoverage: Optimizing Pesticide Use with AI Technology

Keeping pesticides only where they are needed

A recent study revealed that without pesticides, farmers could lose 78% of fruit production, 54% of vegetable production, and 32% of cereal production (Jan Kamps, 2021). However, current methods of delivering pesticides involve excessive sprays to ensure adequate coverage. This approach negatively affects both farmers’ budgets and the environment. Enter AgZen, a company founded from over a decade of MIT engineering research. Their innovative solution utilizes AI to ensure optimal plant spraying, offering real-time adjustments to spray parameters such as pressure, rate, boom height, or speed. These improvements lead to increased application efficiency at speeds up to 12 mph.

Implications of this technology extend beyond cost savings for farmers. According to AgZen’s CEO, Vishnu Jayaprakash, their algorithms and optimizations can potentially cut chemical usage by half. Such reductions in inputs significantly decrease expenses while preserving crop health and yields. AgZen has executed extensive field trials on diverse crops since 2018, reporting twelve successful pilots and tests across the US and Europe with major growers worldwide.

Public health and the environment stand to benefit most from this advancement. Studies indicate that agricultural water sources face significant contamination from pesticide runoffs. Additionally, global soils are under threat from pesticide pollution. As regulatory bodies intensify scrutiny over pesticide usage, precision technologies like AgZen’s RealCoverage become increasingly essential. By decreasing foliar pesticide usage by 30% to 50%, this innovation may contribute to minimizing these negative consequences. Furthermore, RealCoverage offers valuable insights for developing new formulations and refining farming practices around the globe.

Preparations for commercial launch include a lease-to-own program, making the system accessible to farmers financially. AgZen estimates that the system recoups investment within one growing season via reduced chemical expenditures. In conclusion, AgZen’s RealCoverage represents a promising step towards improving spray efficiency and addressing pressing concerns regarding pesticide usage and environmental sustainability.

AgZen’s RealCoverage wants to keep pesticides only where they are needed