Instagram is developing ‘Blend,’ recommended Reels for you and a friend

Instagram Developing “Blend”: Collaborative Reel Feature for Users and Friends

Instagram is reportedly creating a new feature called “Blend,” which generates a personalized feed of Reels for users and their friends. This prototype aims to enhance collaboration and discovery within the app.

Instagram has been working on the “Blend” feature, an internal prototype yet to undergo external testing.

First discovered by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, the feature will create a private feed of Reels tailored to both the user and their chosen friend.

Based on Reels previously shared and individual Reels interests, this function offers a unique experience for users looking to explore content together.

Similar to Spotify’s “Blend” functionality, introduced in 2021, users can join and exit a Blend at any desired moment.

While no specific information regarding updates or continuous recommendation provision has been disclosed, Instagram intends to use existing data from DM exchanges to proactively suggest enjoyable Reels.

It remains uncertain if and when the feature will be officially rolled out; however, should it be implemented, “Blend” may provide Instagram Reels users with a distinct advantage over rival platform TikTok.

Conclusion: By offering a collaborative and engaging feature like “Blend,” Instagram seeks to strengthen its position against competitor TikTok while enhancing user experiences through personalized Reel recommendations.

Instagram is developing ‘Blend,’ recommended Reels for you and a friend