OpenAI says Musk only ever contributed $45M, wanted to merge with Tesla or take control

OpenAI Clarifies Elon Musk’s Role and Funding in the Company

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OpenAI, the leading AI startup valued at over $80 billion, clarified Elon Musk’s involvement and financial contributions to the company following a recent lawsuit. According to OpenAI’s statement, Musk provided less than $45 million since its inception in 2015, contrary to earlier commitments of up to $1 billion. The remaining funds were sourced from various donors.

Context: OpenAI Dismisses Claims Made by Elon Musk in Lawsuit

Manish Singh

3 days ago

OpenAI, the most influential AI lab, announced Wednesday that they plan to challenge all claims made by Elon Musk in a recent lawsuit. They stated that Musk, one of the co-founders, didn’t contribute significantly to the company’s growth and success beyond the initial investment of $45 million.

Background: OpenAI’s Early Days and Disagreements with Musk

Since recognizing the need for massive computational resources to develop Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), OpenAI realized securing billions of dollars in funding was crucial. However, disagreements ensued between Musk and other co-founders regarding the best approach to achieve this goal.

Transition: Musk Proposed Merging with Tesla or Taking Control

While discussing a potential for-profit structure, Musk advocated merging OpenAI with Tesla as a primary funding source or taking full control. When OpenAI decided to pursue a separate path, Musk initiated a rival project and later filed a lawsuit against them, accusing them of breaching original contractual agreements.

Conclusion: Implications of the Legal Battle Between Musk and OpenAI

The ongoing legal dispute between Musk and OpenAI holds significant consequences for the future of AI development. With OpenAI’s groundbreaking achievements like ChatGPT setting off an unparalleled AI race, the resolution of this lawsuit may shape the trajectory of the industry and the balance of power among major players.

OpenAI says Musk only ever contributed $45M, wanted to merge with Tesla or take control