Uber Eats is launching a delivery service with Cartken’s sidewalk robots in Japan

Uber Eats Partners with Cartken for Robot Delivery Service in Japan

Uber Eats is expanding its horizons with a new partnership in Japan. In collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric and autonomous robotics startup Cartken, Uber Eats plans to introduce a delivery service utilizing self-driving sidewalk robots. By the end of March, customers in a selected area of Tokyo can access this innovative offering via the Uber Eats app. Operating hours have yet to be revealed.

This venture represents the first international expansion for Uber and Cartken, following successful collaborations in Fairfax, Virginia, and Miami. Mitsubishi Electric joins the team as the operational overseer in Tokyo.

Cartken’s autonomous sidewalk robot, named Model C, will spearhead the delivery service. Equipped with a 27-liter insulated cargo bin, the robot moves at approximately 3.3 miles per hour. Advanced sensors including cameras and sophisticated software enable the robot to identify and traverse its surroundings effectively. Remote monitoring and guidance capabilities ensure worker intervention when necessary.

Shoji Tanaka from Mitsubishi Electric expressed optimism regarding the potential impact of robot delivery on Japan’s logistical challenges. “Robot delivery serves as an efficient solution to the impending logistics crisis,” he stated. “Our goal is to facilitate the proliferation of robot delivery services across Japan.” Future endeavors include integrating these autonomous robots into building and industrial infrastructure.

Uber Eats is launching a delivery service with Cartken’s sidewalk robots in Japan