Political deepfakes are spreading like wildfire thanks to GenAI

The Crisis of Election Deepfakes: Unchecked Spread and Easy Access to Free AI Tools

About the Context

The proliferation of political deepfakes poses a significant threat to democratic processes worldwide. With billions of people set to participate in elections this year, the potential impact of AI-generated disinformation is immense. This article explores the increasing prevalence of election-related deepfakes and the role of accessible AI tools in fueling this crisis.


Deepfakes, manipulated media that can mimic real individuals, have become increasingly common in today’s digital landscape. While the concern surrounding deepfakes initially focused on entertainment applications, their usage in politics has gained considerable attention due to their ability to deceive and manipulate public opinion.

Section 1: Rise of Election Deepfakes

Studies reveal a sharp increase in the production and dissemination of deepfakes related to elections. For example, the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) reports a 130% monthly growth in AI-generated election disinformation on X (previously known as Twitter) over the past year. However, this trend likely extends beyond just X.

Section 2: Contribution Factors

Two primary factors contribute to the escalating issue of election deepfakes: the wide availability of free, easily jailbroken AI tools and insufficient social media moderation. These circumstances combined pose a severe challenge to maintaining electoral integrity.

Section 3: Impact of Deepfakes on Democracy

The consequences of deepfakes reaching the masses during critical election periods can lead to confusion, distrust, and even violent outcomes. Moreover, the ease with which deepfakes can be produced and distributed exacerbates the situation.


To combat the growing menace of election deepfakes, stakeholders must take immediate action. Platforms need to implement stronger safeguards against deepfake propagation, while governments should consider implementing regulations aimed at ensuring greater transparency and accountability in AI technologies. By addressing these challenges collectively, we can minimize the risks associated with deepfakes and preserve the sanctity of democratic institutions.

Political deepfakes are spreading like wildfire thanks to GenAI