ServiceNow is developing AI through mix of building, buying and partnering

How ServiceNow Develops AI Through Building, Buying, and Partnering

Introduction: In today’s digital landscape, enterprises are constantly seeking ways to enhance their platforms with artificial intelligence (AI) and workflow automation. One such company leading the charge is ServiceNow, which has developed a unique approach to incorporating AI into its offerings. By combining internal development efforts, strategic acquisitions, and collaborations with external partners, ServiceNow aims to create a robust, AI-driven platform that sets it apart from competitors.

1. Internal Development Efforts

As the volume of data collected through interactions on its platform grows, ServiceNow builds increasingly sophisticated AI models. According to Philip Kirk, SVP of Corporate Business Development at ServiceNow, the decision-making process involves determining whether to build, acquire, or partner based on the long-term interests of clients and the company’s strengths in enterprise automation.

1. Acquisitions

IDC Analyst Lara Greden emphasizes the importance of acquisitions in AI strategies across industries. She states that “acquisition and strategic partnerships are an essential element of corporate strategy in the AI era.” ServiceNow’s track record demonstrates its commitment to acquiring cutting-edge technologies, exemplified by its purchase of Element AI in late 2020.

1. Strategic Partnerships

In addition to acquisitions, ServiceNow fosters relationships with key industry players to bolster its AI capabilities. For example, following the footsteps of IBM, ServiceNow announced a partnership with Celonis earlier this year. These collaborations enable ServiceNow to integrate advanced AI solutions seamlessly within its platform, offering customers enhanced functionality without requiring extensive customization.

With the recent launch of the Washington release, ServiceNow continues to demonstrate its dedication to advancing AI integration. By focusing on improving workflows and virtual agent capabilities, the company positions itself as a trusted guide for businesses navigating the complexities of generative AI adoption. As ServiceNow expands its portfolio and strengthens its partnership network, it remains poised to lead the charge in delivering innovative, AI-powered solutions to its clientele.

ServiceNow is developing AI through mix of building, buying and partnering