Verve Motion’s robot backpack helps workers lighten their load

Verve Motion’s Robot Backpack: Aiding Workers in Lightening Their Load

Revolutionizing Wearable Robotics with Exosuits

Introduction: At Modex, wearable robotics gain traction due to their capacity to alleviate repetitive stress from heavy lifting tasks. One such company making waves is Verve Motion, whose SafeLift Exosuit promises relief through innovative technology.

Verve Motion’s SafeLift Exosuit provides an alternative solution for those dealing with repetitive stress caused by lifting and moving heavy objects daily.

With a design similar to a backpack housing the battery and electronics, users securely fasten the suit using shoulder straps, chest straps, and thigh straps.

Weighing 6.5 pounds, the system accommodates individuals between 5’0″ and 6’6″. Users report finding it reasonably comfortable during demonstrations.

In action, the Modex demo involves lifting a 30-pound orange Pelican-style case, followed by doing so while receiving assistance from the suit.

Verve Motion markets SafeLift as part of a comprehensive system including charging lockers/cubbyholes and interchangeable batteries for optimal usage.

Co-founder and CEO Ignacio Galiana revealed that Verve Motion had sold over 1,000 suits since its inception, raising $20 million in funding last year.

Conclusion: By incorporating advanced technologies like Verve Motion’s SafeLift Exosuit, industries can significantly improve worker safety and efficiency, reducing physical strain and promoting overall wellbeing.

Verve Motion’s robot backpack helps workers lighten their load