X now allows Premium+ users and organizations to publish articles

X Introduces Long-Form Article Feature for Premium+ Users and Organizations

About the Context

X, the social media platform owned by Elon Musk, recently introduced a new long-form article feature exclusively for its Premium+ subscribers and verified organizations. Previously, the character limit for long posts was extended to 25,000 for paying users (Engadget, 2023). Now, the article limit seems to be even higher at 100,000 characters.

 Last Year’s Upgrade

Last year, X upgraded the limit for long posts to accommodate longer messages from its premium users (TechCrunch, 2023).

New Format Announcement

Ivan Mehta, via TechCrunch, reported that X announced a new long-form post format called “Articles” (Mehta, 2024).

Features and Benefits

Users can now publish posts with advanced text formatting, embed videos and images, create bulleted lists, and include hyperlinked text – all features reminiscent of popular content management systems such as WordPress or Medium (Bakke, 2024).

Historical Perspective

Twitter initially launched Notes as a long-form publishing medium back in 2022 but later suspended the project under Musk’s leadership due to changes in strategy (Musk, 2023).

Current Developments

Despite suspending the Notes project and eliminating ad-free articles, Musk hinted at plans to enable creators to publish long-form articles with multimedia elements (Musk, 2023).

Attracting Writers

With this recent development, X hopes to lure writers looking for a direct publishing platform, following Musk’s encouragement for prominent figures like MrBeast and Tucker Carlson to join the community (Musk, 2023).

X now allows Premium+ users and organizations to publish articles