Xiaomi’s latest robot dog does backflips off skateboards, costs $3,000

Xiaomi’s New Robot Dog Capable of Backflips Off Skateboards Retails at $3,000

The newest addition to Xiaomi’s robotic lineup, CyberDog 2, boasts improved features including a friendlier appearance and the ability to perform backflips. With a price tag of $3,000, this robot dog is positioned as a home companion.

Initial reactions to the original CyberDog design drew comparisons to a “nightmarish” version of Boston Dynamics’ Spot. However, the newer model sports a more dog-like head, reminiscent of a Doberman’s. Despite its menacing appearance, the head bears a striking resemblance to a Doberman’s, complete with pointed ears.

At Mobile World Congress (MWC), attendees were given the chance to observe demos of CyberDog 2’s capabilities. While primarily showcased performing a dressage shuffle, the robot can execute backflips as well. Researchers have noted that flipping is simpler for robots compared to walking, highlighting the fundamental differences between human and machine locomotion.

Aside from its impressive physical abilities, CyberDog 2 may eventually replace real pets due to its speech functionality. Though it remains less cuddly than actual animals, only time will tell if consumers adopt this high-priced alternative. Priced at $3,000, the robot dog offers a unique blend of advanced technology and entertainment value.

Xiaomi’s latest robot dog does backflips off skateboards, costs $3,000