Dexory’s massive shelf-scanning robot comes to North America

Dextery’s Shelf-Scanning Robot Expands to North America


I frequently discuss inventory, the bane of retail work. Retail inventory involves data collection, making it ripe for automation. Many startups aim to fill this niche. One such company, Dextery, based in the UK, recently revealed plans to enter the North American market.


Retail and warehouse inventories differ significantly. While warehouses can store items vertically due to taller ceilings, retail stores face constraints imposed by consumers’ heights. Various solutions exist, ranging from drones to automated storage systems. However, none perfectly fit the needs of both environments.

Description of Dextery’s Solution:

Dextery’s approach combines 3D modeling of shelving units using scanning technology and a towering structure for accessing upper shelves. Although initially dismissed as unmanageable, this system has proven effective in the UK.

Company Background:

In June 2023, Dextery secured a $19 million Series A funding round to introduce their robot to the US, Germany, and the Netherlands. Co-founder and CEO Andrei Danescu explains, “The global market is grappling with complex supply chain challenges, and DexteryView enables companies to swiftly understand their operations and optimize efficiency.” Ex-Zebra Technologies robotics product manager Todd Boone will lead expansion efforts in North America.


With its innovative approach to retail inventory automation, Dextery is poised to revolutionize industries across continents. Their entry into the North American market represents another step towards streamlining supply chain processes worldwide.

Dexory’s massive shelf-scanning robot comes to North America