Numbers Station lets business users chat with their data

Introducing Numbers Station Cloud – Chat Interface for Business Data Analysis

About the Context


Numbers Station, a startup utilizing Large Language Models (LLMs), recently launched its cloud-based product, Numbers Station Cloud, offering businesses a new way to analyze internal data through a conversational interface.

Product Introduction


The Numbers Station Cloud, currently in early access, enables virtually anyone within an organization to query their data using the provided chat interface. Although other tools exist for converting natural language queries into database languages such as SQL, Numbers Station distinguishes itself by focusing on understanding a company’s unique structure, terminology, and operations.

Semantic Catalog


To achieve this, Numbers Station spent significant engineering efforts developing a “semantic catalog.” This catalog acts as a customized source of a company’s key performance indicators and definitions, ensuring alignment between the model’s interpretation and the company’s usage of terms. Co-founder and CEO Chris Aberger describes this catalog as a crucial component holding the entire system together.

Challenges and Future Plans


Despite launching the chat service, Numbers Station aims to expand beyond this application. Their ultimate goal is to develop a comprehensive AI platform for various data analysis tasks, including data enrichment, algorithm implementation, and more. Already securing clients like global real estate services firm Jones Lang LaSalle, Numbers Station continues to push the boundaries of enterprise AI for structured data.



“What we’re doing, fundamentally, is building an AI platform for analytics,” says Aberger. “This is just one of the applications… We’re still working on as a company, which is going after a bunch of different data problems that sit on top of here.”

— Chris Aberger, Numbers Station co-founder and CEO

“Numbers Station is at the cutting edge of enterprise AI for structured data,” states Sharad Rastogi, CEO of Work Dynamics Technology from Jones Lang LaSalle. “We are impressed by Numbers Station’s trusted and engaging platform. It continuously learns as we use it, enabling our data teams to discover and verify hypotheses for driving impactful business outcomes.”

— Sharad Rastogi, CEO of Work Dynamics Technology from Jones Lang LaSalle

Numbers Station lets business users chat with their data